About Us


Nestronix, which has presence in several countries, has 26 years of vast experience in following domains:

  • Engineering,
  • Manufacturing
  • Business consultancy


  • Abraham Chandy


  • Abraham Chandy
    VP Global Supply Chain

Nestronix Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader in providing end-to-end solutions in engineering and manufacturing for both hardware and software products in the high value added markets.

Nestronix believes in building lasting relationships with clients in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Each solution is crafted with the utmost care, keeping every requirement of the client in mind. The competitive pricing structure enables clients to gain maximum value from a project whether it is completed at the client’s site or at Nestronix facilities. The aim is to build lasting relationships with clients by providing responsive service, support and training at onsite manufacturing locations.

Nestronix is focused on customer expectation, cost quality delivery and support.

Nestronix Culture

Nestronix is focused on growth both for the company and its employees. At Nestronix, there is a total commitment to contributing to the welfare of society. We have a strong policy backed by established procedures, for environment and employee health and safety. Nestronix makes conscious efforts to reduce global warming by using lead-free components and recyclable materials, and by embracing energy conservation measures

Advantage of working with Nestronix

Nestronix believes in staying one step ahead on the continually evolving technology curve. The Nestronix mantra is “concept to product??? and it delivers a holistic solution to customers from the concept stage to the product stage. Its affiliate companies have in-house R&D centers with advanced equipment for quick turnaround facility. The manufacturing units are equipped to handle large volume captive manufacturing.

Nestronix is focused on staying on the cutting edge of technology, and as part of that, it has adopted advanced measures like VLSI design and embedded software in operations. Products of our affiliate companies have been used in NASA space missions, latest Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, black boxed of aircraft, access control systems at metros, thermal power stations, optical networks and in ultrasound and CT scanners.

Following are the advantages of working with Nestronix:
Supply chain: Nestronix’s supply chain management philosophy reflects the company’s commitment to deliver services to customers worldwide. The main elements the supply chain system consists of:

  • An efficient system that links customers and suppliers
  • A commodity management structure, with an international purchasing office and local staff in different parts of the word
  • A computerized replenishment system that allows to that responds to demands in real time
  • Stocking plans that meet customer needs

Customized Solutions: Whether it is high-volume, or low-volume, Nestronix supports all manufacturing requirements. The solutions we provide include following:
System Integration: Nestronix offers US and Indian options for projects that would need multifaceted systems for sourcing materials and managing configuration.
Support for Legacy Technology: Nestronix provides support for older and legacy technology products.
Product Development Support: Nestronix provides product development engineering and system integration support to original equipment manufacturers in appliance and industrial applications.